The “Pink Gorilla” in the Pew

PORN is a problem.  I receive notes & requests for help from men all over the world who struggle with PORN, this week 5, next week who knows. I’m praying for each one. It is EPIDEMIC. It is the PINK GORILLA in the PEW that we mostly ignore. To my colleagues and churches a gentle PLEA…TALK about it NOW! Put some LIGHT on this issue and break the POWER of it before another home is wrecked, a young couple divorces, or a kid is exposed to it in his Christian home. COURAGE.


About pastor bernie

Collegiate/Young Adult pastor Forest Lake Church, near Orlando, FL

2 responses to “The “Pink Gorilla” in the Pew”

  1. holli oram says :

    So true! Many school counselors say it’s the biggest problem in their school. We need to talk about it!

  2. tracy calvert says :

    I agree. It is a silent epidemic in our society. I have been involved in personal recovery for nearly 4 years. I feel like I am now ready (and called) to share with others, particularly within the church, who also suffer. What is the best way to reach those within my own local congregation who need help, while at the same time recognizing this isn’t a PG subject? I can’t really get upfront during accouncement time and share. Are you familiar with Adventist Recovery Ministries? Thank you for your ministry.

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